22Win Basketball Betting Guide for Beginners

Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball, particularly NBA games, holds a special place in the hearts of Filipino sports enthusiasts, overshadowing even local PBA teams in popularity. The simplicity and accessibility of basketball betting markets make them a favorite among bettors in the Philippines, ensuring everyone from novices to seasoned gamblers can easily partake and enjoy the thrill.

What is Basketball?

What is Basketball

Basketball is a dynamic team sport involving two teams of five players each, competing on a court. A typical lineup includes two guards, two forwards, and a center, although teams may opt for three guards to enhance scoring at the expense of defensive solidity. The objective is to outscore the opponent, often leading to high-scoring games where totals can exceed a hundred points. Scoring comes in the form of two-pointers, three-pointers, and free throws, which count for one point each.

22Win NBA and PBA Online Basketball Betting Markets

22Win NBA and PBA Online Betting Markets

At 22Win, basketball betting is streamlined, focusing predominantly on moneyline bets for NBA games, compared to the multitude of betting options found in other sports like soccer. Here are some of the betting markets available at 22Win:

  • 1X2: This standard market is available for all basketball betting, including NBA. To add variety, Handicap, First Half, and Quarter markets are also available.
  • Which Team to Score the First/Last Basket: Place your bets on which team will score first or last in the game, a straightforward market with a good chance of winning.
  • Total Scores Over/Under: Bet on the total points scored in a game, with thresholds varying by sportsbook and specific game circumstances.
  • Outright Winner: Although more challenging, this market involves predicting the overall winner of a basketball league.

Why Bet on Basketball at 22Win?

Why Bet on Basketball at 22Win

22Win offers access to popular basketball leagues like the NBA, with a variety of betting options that are easy to understand for beginners yet engaging for experienced bettors. Although obtaining match information during off-seasons can be challenging, the availability of data and the inherent excitement of the game provide a compelling betting experience.


Basketball betting at 22Win is a premier option for those looking to engage with one of the most beloved sports in the Philippines. Whether you’re looking to bet on NBA or PBA games, 22Win provides an excellent platform with competitive odds and a user-friendly interface. Dive into the exciting world of basketball betting at 22Win today and take advantage of the opportunities to win big. Start your betting journey now and experience the thrill of the game like never before!

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