Golden Genie Slot Machine Review

Golden Genie is an FC slot machine with an Arabian and Genie theme. This slot is a 6 reel machine with a single additional horizontal reel lining up with the standard reels 2-5. Golden Genie also comes with WILDs, Scatters for free spins, and Special WILDs.

Golden Genie

This machine’s layout is a unique 5x6x6x6x6x5 layout with seven reels comprising of six standard reels and an additional horizontal reel. This is also a 32,000 ways-to-win slot machine that can be useful to match high payout symbols using WILDs and the special feature integrated to this machine.

Pros and Cons of Golden Genie

Special WILDs availableFree spinsCombo MultiplierHard to trigged special WILDs

Golden Genie Paytable Chart

Golden Genie’s paytable is rather extensive with 11 symbols not counting Scatters and WILDs. The payouts are rather low, but the combo multiplier is helpful for this since matching multiple symbols multiple times in one spin can help rack up payouts.

Golden Genie Paytable Chart

The main goal is to unlock free spins and let the combo multiplier accumulate to increase the payouts. Being a ways-to-win machine, players can stack multiple symbol matches in one spin and win big when they get lucky with the WILDs.

Golden Genie WILDs

WILD symbols substitute for any symbol except Scatters and can appear in the 2nd to 5th reels during both standard and free games. These are instrumental in matching more symbols per spin and allowing the player to win big. In addition to the standard WILDs, a Special Wild mechanic is present in this slot machine.

Golden Genie Special WILDs

The Special WILDs mechanic works by first assigning random symbols to have silver boxes. These silver boxed symbols are changed to a different payout symbol when matched and the silver box becomes a golden box. If the golden boxed symbol is matched again, then the gold box becomes a WILD symbol that can then match with other symbols and allow for more payouts.

Both silver and golden boxes are also assigned multipliers as part of the Special WILDs mechanic and these multipliers also stack with the integrated combo multiplier. The multipliers assigned are the following:

  • Silver box = x2
  • Golden box = x3

Matching even just the silver boxes can help stack the multipliers in the free game.

Golden Genie Scatters

Golden Genie Scatters unlock free spins when at least three Scatters are present in the reels after a spin. The number of free spins unlocked is a minimum of eight and two additional spins are credited for every Scatter additional Scatter in the initial spin. 

Golden Genie Free Games

During the free game, the combo multiplier starts out at x2 and will stack without resetting for as long as the free game is in effect. This allows players to win big through a combination of the Special WILDs and the accumulating combo multiplier.

Golden Genie Free Games

Special WILDs are best taken advantage of during the free game since their x2 and x3 multipliers will add up to the running total of the combo multiplier.

The free game can be bought for x65 the player’s initial stake.

Golden Genie Combo Multiplier

The combo multiplier comes in different forms, the standard combo multiplier that resets per spin and the free game’s combo multiplier that stacks for the duration of the free game. The easiest way to trigger combo multipliers in standard gameplay is through WILDs and Special WILDs clearing out the reels and the Special WILD stacking to the multiplier.

Golden Genie’s combo multiplier shines in the free game since it starts out from x2 instead of the standard game’s x1 and this stacks for as long as the free game lasts. As long as the player gets more free spins and Special WILDs contribute to the combo multiplier, the player will have a chance to win big while playing.

Unlocking free game without buying it and unlocking more free spins is a good way to win big through the combo multiplier.

Is Golden Genie a Good Game?

Yes. Golden Genie is a great game with a high potential of paying out big through the free game. This is thanks to the WILDs and Special WILDs mechanic that helps match more symbols and clear more reels and contributes to the combo multiplier. The only downside is that triggering Special WILDs is pretty difficult since multiple matchups are necessary to convert a silver box to a WILD, and even having multiple silvers in the reels means nothing when they don’t trigger one of the ways to win.

Is Golden Genie a Good Game

Casual gamers can stake the minimum amount and use both autoplay and turbo spin to try and trigger the free game and take advantage of the Special WILDs. This might not pay out well since Scatters can be pretty rare. High rollers, however, can force the free game by buying it and hope they at least break-even or make some profit, no matter how little.

Winning in Golden Genie will mostly require triggering as many free games as possible and stacking the combo multiplier as high as possible using Special WILDs.


Golden Genie is a simple yet great game to play to win real money through free spins. Depending solely on WILDs and the Special WILDs isn’t foolproof since the Special WILDs are hard to trigger and depending on then can get expensive real quick. Free spins are the way to go in this game and both casual gamers and high rollers can trigger them as long as they place multiple bets per session.

Try winning big money at Golden Genie’s free spins and through its Special WILDs and stacking combo multiplier. Do so now at 22Win Casino today!

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