Gates of Gatot Kaca Slot Machine Review

Gates of Gatot Kaca

Gates of Gatot Kaca is an Indian mythology-themed slot machine with 6 reels, 5 rows and a pay anywhere mechanic. This machine features a x5000 max potential win and some lucrative multiplier symbols that multiply any payouts when several symbols are matched and cleared.

Pros and Cons of Gates of Gatot Kaca

Pay anywhere mechanicsFree spinsTumbling reelsMultipliersHigh volatilityNo WILDsMultipliers take up a slot on the reels

Gates of Gatot Kaca Paytable Chart

Gates of Gatot Kaca Paytable Chart

The Gates of Gatot Kaca paytable is fairly simple with a total of ten symbols, including the Scatter symbol, without the multiplier symbols. The payout per symbol depends on the number range of the symbols present in the reels. Besides the Scatter, all symbols will pay out according to the following ranges:

  • 8-9 = lowest value payout
  • 10-11 = middle value payout
  • 12-30 = highest value payout

The Scatter symbol payout values are the following:

  • 4 Scatters = 3x
  • 5 Scatters = 5x
  • 6 Scatters = 100x

Gates of Gatot Kaca Scatters and Free Games

In addition to the payouts, the Scatters unlock 15 free spins when four or more Scatters are present. During free spins, an additional five free spins can be unlocked when three more Scatters appear.

Gates of Gatot Kaca Multipliers

The multipliers in this game appear as symbols with multiplier values assigned to them in the reels, effectively taking the spot of another symbol that could have resulted in getting paid out. Because these multipliers appear this way, players can only benefit from these when they get paid out when some symbols match after a spin and a multiplier appears before the next spin occurs.

The multiplier values range from a measly 2x to 5000x.

The total multipliers during the free game can accumulate on the site which will increase the multiplier amount for other spins when other multiplier symbols appear.

Is Gates of Gatot Kaca a Good Game?

Is Gates of Gatot Kaca a Good Game

Gates of Gatot Kaca seems like a good game for many different gamblers, but this isn’t exactly a great game when aiming to win big. This game lacks WILD symbols that can help players get paid out when they’re a few symbols short and it’s hard to accumulate more than 11 symbols of one type in one spin unless when players get lucky with tumbles.

Players will need to aim for free spins to take advantage of this game. Not being able to unlock free spins will make it harder for players to get paid out big.


Gates of Gatot Kaca is a popular online slot machine thanks to its pay anywhere game mechanic that focuses more on the quantity of symbols instead of their placement. Casual gamers can play this game to try and practice, but players aiming for real money might get disappointed with this game and its pretty difficult way to win.

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