Boxing King Slot Machine Review

Boxing King

Boxing King is a JILI slot machine with a boxing theme and characters that look similar to Tekken characters Kazuya and Heihachi. This machine is a 5 reel 5 row machine with 88 paylines, free spins, and a combo multiplier.

Pros and Cons of Boxing King

Combo MultipliersFree spins Multiple paylinesCombo Multiplier is difficult to scaleExtensive paytable makes it difficult to match symbols

Boxing King Paytable Chart

Boxing King’s paytable features multiple relatively low payout symbols. Because these symbols feature low payouts, the main way to win money here is by matching symbols across multiple paylines through a lucky match of certain symbols and through WILDs. Unlocking free spins using Scatter symbols and unlocking more through boxing bell symbols is another good way to win big because of the Combo Multiplier present in the free game.

Boxing King Paytable Chart

The paytable itself is fairly extensive with ten different symbols outside the Scatters and the WILDs, which can make it difficult to match symbols in the different paylines.

Boxing King WILDs

WILD symbols appear only on the third and fourth reels during standard game rounds. In free game, WILD symbols appear on the second to fifth reels. These symbols substitute for all symbols except Scatter and Free Spin symbols.

Boxing King Scatters

The Scatter symbols unlock the free game and pay out at a constant 2x of the player’s initial stake. The number of free spins unlocked is dependent on how many Scatters are matched. The number of free spins are the following:

  • 3 Scatters – 8 rounds
  • 4 Scatters – 12 rounds
  • 5 Scatters – 20 rounds

Boxing King Free Games

Once the free spins are unlocked, players can continue unlocking more free spins when a boxing bell free spin symbol appears on the reels. Each symbol only appears once and only a maximum of five additional free spins can be unlocked per spin.

Boxing King Free Games

As players continue playing the free spins, players will progress through the combo multiplier.

Boxing King Combo Multiplier

The multipliers in the combo multiplier are the following values in a progression:

  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 6x
  • 8x

As players match symbols, they’ll go through the progression from 2x up to 8x until they can no longer match symbols. If players don’t match symbols in a spin and they’ve already partly gone through the progression, the combo multiplier resets to 2x and a new spin. Once players reach the 8x multiplier, a new spin occurs and the multiplier resets.

Is Boxing King a Good Game?

Yes. This game has the potential to allow players to win big through the multiple paylines available in the game, the multiple free spins available, and the combo multiplier available in the free spins. Bettors with extensive bankrolls can take full advantage of this game’s paytable and paylines, especially since they can get lucky during the free spins using the combo multiplier.

Is Boxing King a Good Game

Casual bettors can try their luck with the multiple paylines in the game and they still have the potential to win some money through several WILDs. Still the big bucks are locked behind the free spins and the potential to match multiple symbols across multiple paylines and players with low bankrolls may not be able to unlock them with the limited number of spins they have. Still, they can get lucky when they match multiple WILDs in a single spin.

Both casual gamblers and high rollers can enjoy this game as long as they both have realistic expectations.


Boxing King’s 88 paylines are instrumental in helping players match multiple symbols and unlock free spins, but the fact that winning big is locked behind the free spins can be discouraging when Scatters don’t appear. Still, players can get lucky when they repeatedly match WILDs in a single spin and stack wins.

Different players will be able to enjoy this slot machine, especially when they unlock free spins, due to the high potential payouts this game has. They can enjoy this JILI slot at 22Win once they register and deposit real money. We advise depositing a rather substantial amount to be able to spin the reels longer than just having a limited number of spins.

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