How to Play Online Sabong?

Gamblers can bet on online sabong matches the same way they bet on regular traditional sabong matches. The rules are fairly simple as bettors will only need to pick a rooster they believe they’ll win or bet on a tie then cash out.

How to play Online sabong

Betting on online sabong will involve some rules that are only a concern when playing in an online platform.

How to Play Online Sabong: Sabong Rules

Online sabong is simple since players will only need to place a bet and let the game proceed. The only player involvement is in placing bets, unlike in traditional sabong when the bettor is also the breeder. In online sabong, players will leave everything up to the cockpit’s staff.

How to Play Online Sabong_ Sabong Rules

Each sabong match will typically consist of three stages, including all the prep and the match itself.

Sabong Rules: Different Stages of a Match

Sabong Rules_ Different Stages of a Match


The ulatan is the first stage in a fight where two gamefowls are paired up against one another. This is mostly done off-screen or even in advance before the previous match ended. These two roosters are paired according to their height, weight, size, and wingspan. This is to ensure that both birds will be relatively even and no bird will have an unfair advantage.

In 22Win, this stage happens offscreen and possibly happens multiple rounds in advance to ensure that the program runs smoothly with minimal difficulties.


The ruweda is the second stage in a fight where the gamecocks are displayed and presented for bettors to see. Their aggressiveness and motions are demonstrated to give bettors an idea on how these two birds perform.

Bettors should carefully inspect the birds’ possible breeds and check how well they move to see if they’re healthy and aggressive. Energetic gamefowls will have a better chance of winning than the other bird so betting on it is the best way to win real money. Most of the factors involved in ensuring that a bettor wins their bet will revolve on making sure to pick the right rooster during the ruweda.

The ruweda is also the stage when all bets are placed.


The fight proper is the final stage and is when all bets are closed and the fight itself occurs. Both birds will fight until one or both are no longer able to fight. Whether a bird will be able to continue fighting or not depends on the carreo, when both birds are pulled out and carried by a handler facing each other to see if they’ll peck each other’s head.  A bird that won’t peck the other’s head is considered defeated. A tie can occur even if one bird is already dying and the other is still full of energy when neither rooster pecks the other’s head twice.

Once a winner or a tie is decided, the next ruweda will commence and bets will be credited after some time. The entire fight stage can last up to 10 minutes. Additionally, exceeding 10 minutes results in a tie.


The carreo occurs during the fight and is when the referee picks up the two birds and sees whether they can still fight by having them peck each other twice. The bird that doesn’t peck is deemed the loser.

The carreo occurs once one or both birds seem like they’re no longer able to continue fighting. The fight continues if both birds peck at each other twice, regardless if one bird is already on the verge of death. At the same time, the match ends in a draw if neither bird pecks twice even if one bird isn’t injured and still has plenty of energy.

Common Online Sabong Rules

Common Online Sabong Rules

22Win is powered by DS88 or Diamond Sabong. This provider has several platform-specific rules to cover technical issues and others. The rules are the following:

  1. The player can place a bet during the ruweda once the game is open.
  2. The player can no longer place bets once the ruweda is over and all bets are closed.
  3. Should a “Draw” occur, all Meron and Wala bets will be returned to the player.
  4. All bets are returned to the player if the fight is cancelled, the livestream is interrupted, or network timeouts occur while bets are being resolved.
  5. The fight ends in a draw when neither bird pecks during the Carreo, when no winner is decided after 10 minutes, when a bird’s knife ends up damaged, when both roosters are placed incorrectly, and when wrong names are displayed.
  6. Bet cancellations are not allowed.
  7. Meron and Wala odds will always be displayed even if no one bets.
  8. Fight ID is assigned on-site.
  9. Draw bet odds are always set at 8.
  10. All bets are cancelled when odds on a bet fall below 1.

DS88’s rules may be similar to that of other providers and sabong platforms.

Different Sabong Bets

Different Sabong Bets

The Meron and Wala bets have dynamic odds and whether one bet has short odds or long odds will depend on how many people placed bets on one bet. There’s a chance that odds will fall below 1 when more people bet on one gamecock and all bets will be cancelled when this happens.

The Draw bet is the third bet available and always has odds of 8. This wins in many different scenarios. Draw wins when the following happens:

  • Neither bird pecks twice during the Carreo
  • There is no winner after 10 minutes
  • A gamecock’s knife is damaged
  • The roosters are positioned incorrectly

The bets here are essentially the 1X2 betting market with Meron being 1, Draw being X, and Wala being 2.

How to Play Online Sabong: The Minimum Bet

How to Play Online Sabong_ The Minimum Bet

The minimum bet that can be placed is PHP 20 and the maximum bet is up to PHP 20,000.


Learning how to play online sabong is easy and what’s more difficult is learning how to win at sabong. Bettors will only need to place Meron or Wala bets or place the occasional Draw bet and let the staff handle everything else. Keeping the winning conditions for Draw in mind can help bettors understand why a clear win ended up becoming a draw.

Try betting on sabong matches at 22Win today!

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