22Win Slot Machines

Slot machines are random games that generate random combinations of symbols and pay out, depending on the machines paylines and methods of winning and the matched symbols. Online slot machines work similarly to how traditional slots in land-based casinos do. Playing in traditional casinos might get players to think that the casinos rig these machines against the players, so online casinos with more transparent RTPs, variances, and rules can be advantageous for players.

22Win Slot Machines

Online casinos can afford to offer hundreds of different slots to gamblers mainly because these casinos are powered by multiple gaming providers. These providers develop their own games and offer them to online casinos worldwide, allowing even smaller startup casinos to have thousands of slot machines as long as they can afford it.

Different 22Win Slot Providers

Different 22Win Slot Providers

22Win is powered by a multitude of different slot machine providers, ranging from some of the most popular providers worldwide to a few lesser-known ones. Some of these providers are the following:

JILI Gaming

JILI Gaming is a software developer specializing in online slot machine and arcade game development. JILI slots, fishing games, card games, and arcade games are some of the best and diverse in the business.

JILI’s developers have over 20 years of experience developing high-quality games for different casinos. JILI primarily targets the Asian iGaming market and many Filipino gamblers now frequent JILI slots and arcade games like Color Game. JILI slot machines are known for being profitable machines thanks to their medium volatility slots, scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus games.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a leading iGaming developer providing live casino games and online slots to different casinos worldwide. Online casinos will have hundreds of online slot machines when using Pragmatic Play’s API, as well as several quality live baccarat and blackjack games.

Pragmatic Play’s games are regularly reviewed and audited by third parties to ensure that all their games are fair. This platform uses RNG certified by GLI or Gaming Laboratories International. Players can rest assured that they’ll play fair slot games and that they won’t be scammed off their money.

Fa Chai Gaming

Fa Chai Gaming is a top Chinese gaming provider that powers casinos and provides slot machines and fish shooting games. Fa Chai loosely means “wishing you happiness and prosperity” and many FC slots are great games for winning big.

FC Gaming was established in 2019 but its staff has about 20 years of experience. Because of this, Fa Chai Gaming has been able to provide casinos in Asia with unforgettable games that many gamblers can enjoy. Fa Chai focuses more on quality over quantity so this platform’s game portfolio is not as extensive as those of other providers.

Pocket Games Soft

PG Soft is a gaming provider headquartered in Malta and founded in 2015. This is licensed by Gibraltar, the UK Gambling Commission, and Malta Gaming Authority. Most PG slots are mobile-friendly thanks to the fact that all their games are portrait orientated.

Pocket Games Soft is a unique gaming provider in that they focus on mobile slot machines that are meant to be played on mobile devices. These games are also audited independently by BMM Testlabs and their high max win games will be reliable games when aiming to win big.

JDB Gaming

JDB stands for “Just Do the Best” and this is a testament to JDB Gaming’s high-quality games. JDB Gaming was founded in 2010 and is well-known in Asia. This platform even won the “Best B2B Digital Platform Software Solution” in the Asia Gaming Awards in 2017.

JDB slots are among the highest quality games, with its portfolio comprising of multiple classic slots, 3×3 slots, 3×5 slots, and ways to win slots. This platform’s games are unique as some of their games don’t follow standard slot machine rules as their gameplay is different and focuses more on symbol elimination.

CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Gaming is a well-renowned casino gaming provider based in Taipei, Taiwan that was founded in 2016. This platform has a catalog of about a hundred mobile-friendly slot machines certified by GLI. CQ9 is currently popular in the Philippines.

CQ9’s games are mostly categorized according to their respective series based on their naming scheme that follows their themes. The three different series are the Jump Series, God Series, and Chinese style. Most CQ9 slots use the standard 5×3 layouts while others are hybrids that feature a mix of two different slot types, allowing for new rulesets.


Endorphina is a slot provider established in 2010 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic. This provider’s games are licensed by the MGA, ISO, and the ONJN. While this provider is fairly rare in Asian casinos, it is more well-known in other online casinos elsewhere in the world.

Many of Endorphina’s games are high-quality games, especially since two of their titles won the Slot Game of the Year.

Types of Slot Machines

Types of Slot Machines

As 22Win is powered by multiple gaming providers, players will have access to multiple slot machines of different types. While the most common machines are 5 reel and ways-to-win slots, players will also encounter classic machines and jackpot slots that can help players get used to gaming and win big respectively.

The most common slot machines that players will encounter are the following:

Classic Slot Machines

These machines are the simplest slot machines that feature a single payline and a mere three reels. The payout here is fixed and any jackpot amounts is also fixed at a small amount that pales in comparison to actual jackpot slot machines.

Classic slot machines are perfect for first-time bettors since they can first get used to these machines before moving to other slot machines. Some providers introduce some twists to classic slots to make things exciting for the players.

5 Reel Slot Machines

5 reel slot machines are one of the most widespread slot machines in online casinos worldwide. These machines typically come with either 5 to 25 paylines or at least 243 ways to win which replaces the traditional paylines. These slots are also typically Bonus and Jackpot machines due to how widespread the use of these machines are.

It is uncommon for 5 reel slots to lack Scatter symbols and WILDS. Additionally, some machines feature up to seven reels, making 5 reel slots a majority and 6 reel and 7 reel slots a minority in online casinos.

Ways-to-Win Slot Machines

Ways-to-Win slot machines effectively do away with the standard paylines featured in many slot machines, and instead introduce multiple ways for symbol combinations to pay out. The most common number of ways to win is 243 and can go up to 32,000 ways, depending on the slot and how many reels are available.

5 reel ways-to-win slots are the most common slot machines today with most of them featuring bonus games.

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slot machines are common slots that feature bonus games unlockable through Scatter symbols lining up. The most common bonus is the free spin bonus that allows players to spin the reels for free and have a chance to win real money out of them. Many high roller gamblers using the autospin feature typically win big through the free spins that allow players to match more WILD symbols and win more real money from high payout symbols.

The other bonus games available are click-me games where players tap on items to unlock hidden multipliers and arcade games where non-slot machine games come integrated with the machine.

Jackpot Slot Machines

Jackpot slots are machines that typically come as a ways-to-win slot and features bonuses that can still pay out big when players don’t unlock jackpots. While most Jackpots are Progressive Jackpot slots where the prize pool increases per bet, Flat Top jackpots that come with a fixed jackpot amount are also available when playing certain slots. Flat Top jackpots are easier to win than progressive ones but typically pay out less.

Jackpots are typically locked behind a minimum bet paywall where players will typically need to bet the maximum amount to unlock progressive jackpots. Once a progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot amount goes back to a set amount until other players place more bets to contribute to the pot.

How to Play Slots

Because there are plenty of different slot machines available for players, some players may get confused with how to get started with this game. Playing the game is rather easy as players will only need to set a bet amount and spin the reels to start playing. Still, we’ll talk more on how to play to win instead of just randomly playing.

Choose a Slot Machine

Different slot machines will typically feature different gameplay mechanics, rules, and features. Gamblers should first pick which machine is right for them by checking whether the machine has paylines or is a ways-to-win slot and what the bonus games are.

Beginners can opt to play classic slots and take advantage of the single payline to take advantage of more frequent yet small wins. High rollers can opt for more standard machines with bonus games or play Jackpot slots.

Set the Bet Amount

Gamblers can immediately spin the reels as soon as they’ve picked a slot to play, but they might not be staking the minimum amount to limit their losses or stake the maximum to unlock special features, paylines, or jackpots. It’s important to first set the bet amount before spinning the reels to ensure that players won’t either exhaust their bankrolls to quickly or waste bets without unlocking certain features.

Spin the Reels

Ensure your reels are spinning by left-clicking the “Spin” button. You can also choose to use the “Auto-Spin” feature to spin the reels a certain number of times automatically. Auto-spins can be stopped in case a gambler is already losing a lot money. 

Once the player has set the amount they’ll bet, they can then spin the reels by left-clicking on “Spin.” Additionally, certain slot machines can unlock certain features without requiring matching Scatter symbols for a price, allowing players to take advantage of bonus games to hopefully win through free spins or other means.

Use the Auto-Spin

Many high rollers use the autospin feature to automatically spin the reels for a set number of times so that players won’t manually spin the reels over and over again. Doing this allows players to sit back and relax until the spins are exhausted or until a manual bonus game gets unlocked.

This is advisable for high rollers since a hundred spins will be costly if players don’t get lucky and unlock free spins or win big and they’ll need to keep on doing this to win through Scatters and WILDs.


All slot machines are easy to play with, but the simplest ones that are easiest to win in are Classic slot machines.

The best slot machine is the one that pays out more frequently without sacrificing the winning amount. Machines with bonus games and high payout symbols are advisable. We’ll just let the players pick a title they like instead of directing them to a specific machine.

No. All 22Win slot machines are provided by reputable gaming providers that are regularly audited by different third parties to ensure fairness.


22Win’s slot machines are quite extensive as the platform is powered by multiple gaming providers that are well-known not only in Asia but also in other parts of the world. Players will have access to both Classic slot machines and Jackpot slot machines once they register and they have a lot of games to choose from.

Start playing 22Win slot machines today. Register at 22Win and play JILI, CQ9 or PG slots to start winning big.