Online Sabong Tips: How to Win at Sabong?

Learning how to win at sabong bets is the next step to learn after knowing how to play. Learning this will typically involve keeping several sabong tips in mind to ensure that they place bets on the rooster that will most likely win.

Online Sabong tips

Read our small list of tips to get started winning your Meron and Wala bets.

Online Sabong Tips: Don’t Ignore the Ruweda

Bettors should pay more attention during the ruweda to inspect the roosters. Breed alone isn’t enough of a determining factor on which one will win a match since health also plays a major role. An unhealthy Sweater won’t likely perform better than a healthy random.

Sabong Tip_ Don’t Ignore the Ruweda

The ruweda is the only time that bettors can check on the roosters before placing bets so they should pay attention to both birds before betting. Bettors should check the following before placing a bet:

  • How high a gamecock jumps
  • How well a gamecock flies
  • The quality of a gamecock’s feathers
  • The quality of a gamecock’s beak
  • The liveliness of the gamecocks

Bettors should pay close attention to how well the birds move and how healthy they are. Healthy birds will move differently than unhealthy ones and will naturally have an advantage over their opponent. A gamecock’s health can be affected negatively depending on the conditions of their holding areas in the cockpit before they’re brought out to fight.

Additionally, certain gamefowl breeds will have certain defining physical characteristics and traits concerning aggressiveness, intelligence, attitude, and robustness. If a Shamo or Malay, known for their combat prowess, is presented during the ruweda looking dull or ill, then the other rooster, even of a naturally weaker breed, will likely be a better choice.

Sabong Tip: Know About Sabong Breeds

Sabong Tip_ Know About Sabong Breeds

As mentioned above, certain breeds will possess certain traits that make a particular gamefowl better suited as a cockfighter than others. If both birds are healthy and look like they’re raring to go, then picking the better breed will naturally be the correct choice when placing bets.

Among the top gamefowl breeds to bet on are the following:

  • Kelso
  • Shamo
  • Asil
  • Hatch
  • Sweater
  • Malay

Still, most gamecocks won’t be pure breeds and some Kelso bloodlines will likely be bred with superior bird breeds while others might not. The Malay, for instance, is a rare purebred bird with most Malays fighting being crossed with other breeds. Additionally, some gamefowls may look alike after being crossbred multiple times so bettors should focus on checking a few distinct physical traits to distinguish a particular breed.

When trying to identify a particular gamefowl’s breed, bettors should keep the particular breed’s main physical traits in mind to be able to distinguish whether a bird is a Kelso, a Hatch, a Sweater, or a completely inferior gamefowl. Certain gamecock bloodlines can be completely different from their base breeds after generations of inbreeding, linebreeding, and crossbreeding and only a few key traits remain. Keeping an eye on these can help bettors pick the winning rooster.

Sabong Tip: Bet on the Favorite

Meron typically means the favorite most of the time, except when playing online sabong through DS88’s dynamic odds. Because of this, bettors who are aiming to bet on the favorite should wait for the odds to settle just right before the ruweda ends and place a bet on the clear favorite.

Sabong Tip_ Bet on the Favorite

Betting on the favorite is a no-brainer sabong tip that most bettors can follow to nearly guarantee their wins. The favorite is determined based on how many bettors placed bets on the bird and will change until the ruweda ends. Most of the time, the favorite bird will win and pay out a small amount to the winning bettor.

Sabong Tip: Base the Bet on the Trends

If bettors have trouble identifying gamecock breeds, spotting good birds, or even timing their bets, then they can settle for betting based on the roadmap’s trends. Either the Meron or Wala can win at any given time and winning streaks for either bet can happen regularly. If wala wins two times in a row, then a third win might occur.

Sabong Tip_ Base the Bet on the Trends

Even when betting on trends, hot streaks can go cold and a previously winning Wala bet can be replaced by the Meron bet. Additionally, the trend can also go with both Meron and Wala alternating wins until a new winning streak is made.

Sabong Tip: One-Sided Betting Strategy

Sabong Tip_ One-Sided Betting Strategy

Instead on relying on the betting road, bettors can also opt to simply bet on Meron or Wala and stick to that bet. This is called the One-Sided Betting Strategy which is a staple strategy in live baccarat where the banker bet has the advantage and will typically the bet used for the strategy. Using this strategy in sabong matches isn’t that practical since there’s no clear favorite as the odds will constantly change.

Should bettors use the one-sided strategy, they should use certain betting systems to maximize their winnings and keep their losses down.


Any bettor can win at online sabong when they know how to pick a good rooster, or if they get lucky enough with their bet. Once bettors know how to spot a good rooster or have certain strategies they can use, then they can start playing for real money and have a chance to win big. They’ll need to win many times though since the typical low odds won’t pay out a huge amount of money so they’ll need to be sure that they know how to win.

Test out the online sabong tips we’ve listed here to try your luck and win big through multiple bets. Start betting at 22Win right now.

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