Fortune Gems Slot Machine Review

fortune gems

Fortune Gems is a JILI slot with an Aztec theme, featuring symbols containing different gems. This machine is a 4 reel and 3 row slot machine with the fourth reel being a special reel where all symbols have multipliers. Fortune Gems only has five paylines and no Scatter symbols, making this into a relatively simple slot machine for many gamblers.

Pros and Cons of Fortune Gems

Simple slot machineMultipliers up to x15Extra betsNo free spinsWin capped at x375 the initial stakePayout calculation involves division

Fortune Gems Paytable Chart

Fortune Gems Paytable Chart

The paytable in Fortune Gems is rather simple since the game is also a simple game with the special features more focused on the fourth reel’s multipliers and the extra bet feature. Even the WILDs are straightforward with no twists.

Winnings are calculated using this formula:

Odds x Bet x 4th reel multiplier/5

Fortune Gems Multipliers

Fortune Gems Multipliers

The multipliers are only found on the fourth reel and multiply the total winnings from all matching symbols on the five paylines. The six available multipliers are the following:

  • 1x
  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 15x

Activating Extra Bets removes the 1x multiplier to ensure that the player’s winnings will at least get multiplied twice. This comes in handy when the player stacks WILDs on all reels and rows.

Fortune Gems Extra Bets

Fortune Gems Extra Bets

The Extra Bets are set up to increase the probability of high payout symbols appearing on the first three reels and removing the 1x multiplier on the fourth reel. To activate this, all of the player’s bets will be increased by half without affecting the payout calculation. The minimum bet in Fortune Gems is 1 PHP and using Extra Bets will cost the player 1.5 PHP while the calculated bet remains as 1 PHP. The 50% charge acts as payment to increase the potential of winning big through the multiplier and the high payout symbols.

Is Fortune Gems a Good Game?

Yes. Fortune Gems should be good enough for many gamblers due to how simple the game is. Many gamblers can win small amounts through the standard gameplay and have a chance to max winnings when using Extra Bets.

Is Fortune Gems a Good Game

The only problem with this game is the glaring lack of any Scatter symbols and free spins outside of casino bonuses. This means that all spins will be charged and getting unlucky on multiple spins will be costly, especially with the relatively low payouts of this machine.

First time bettors with limited bankrolls can spin multiple times with the minimum bet without using Extra Bets and still have a somewhat decent chance of winning some money, especially when they get lucky with multipliers. Still, the payout calculation having the division by 5 at the end can be a downer when players see that the payout they get is rather low even after winning a spin.


JILI’s Fortune Gems is a simple to play slot machine that many casual gamers can enjoy. The game’s low minimum bet and low payouts are perfect for beginners who aren’t expecting big wins since it’s rather hard to win big when you only have five paylines and a payout calculation that involves dividing the payout before displaying the final payout.

Still, this machine is a good starter slot for many gamblers especially since it has a basic multiplier mechanic and several WILD symbols that can stack to win all five paylines. High rollers should consider looking into other slot machines to avoid this game’s payout cap of 375x the initial stake.

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