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Super ace

Super Ace is a JILI slot with a card game theme, featuring cards with Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of Spade symbols. This machine is a 5 reel slot machine with 4 rows, 1,024 ways to win, free spin bonus games, and Golden Cards that transform into WILDs.

Pros and Cons of Super Ace

High Potential PayoutsExpanding WILDsCombo MultipliersCombo Multipliers getting multiplied in free spinsWILDs locked behind the Golden Card gameplay mechanicGolden Cards appear on only three out of five reels

Super Ace Paytable Chart

Super Ace Paytable Chart

Super Ace’s paytable features two different sets of symbols, which are the White cards and the Golden cards. The white cards feature a relatively small payout while the Gold Cards transform into WILDS and allow more symbol combinations to be formed and result in more wins.

Symbols that match and pay out are removed from the reels and replaced by other card symbols. If a Golden Card was one of the symbols eliminated, it flips and becomes a WILD that allows players to win more from the next symbol matches until no more symbols are matched and the reels spin again.

The Golden Cards only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels so unlocking WILDs isn’t exactly easy since Golden Cards that don’t match with other symbols are useless on the reels.

When Scatters are matched, free spins are unlocked and another feature gets an upgrade to make things more exciting.

Super Ace WILDs

As mentioned above, the WILD symbol is unlocked when matching a Golden Card with White cards of matching symbols. The WILDs come in two variations, which are the Big Joker card and the Small Joker card. These variations are the following:

  • Little Joker Card – turns only itself into a WILD
  • Big Joker Card – turns one to four symbols into WILDs

Golden Cards can turn into either Joker card randomly.

Super Ace Free Games

Free spins are unlocked when matching at least three Scatter symbols. The number of free spins unlocked is 10 spins and an additional 5 spins are credited when at least three Scatters are matched during the free spins and these spins can stack.

Super Ace Free Games

During the free spins, the combo multiplier is also doubled, allowing players to win more real money during the free spins than in the standard playthrough.

Super Ace Combo Multiplier

The integrated combo multiplier features four levels that go up per combo achieved. The combos themselves are achieved depending on how many wins are done per spin and can stack up to x5 the initial stake when players win four times in a spin.

Super Ace Combo Multiplier

During the free spins, the multipliers in the combo multiplier are doubled up to x10. Players can win more from free spins through both additional free spins that extend the free game mode, WILDs, and the doubled combo multiplier that allows players to win up to x10 their initial stake that can happen multiple times in a single spin when they get lucky.

The combo multiplier resets after each spin.

Is Super Ace a Good Game?

Because the WILDs are locked behind the Golden Card symbols, players can have trouble winning big when they don’t match and eliminate White and Golden Cards in several spins. The payout can get high, however, when they unlock free spins and unlock WILDs and get lucky with Big Joker cards.

Is Super Ace a Good Game

Players who want to win big in this game will need to have a substantial bankroll to afford multiple spins until they unlock free spins and WILD symbols. Buying the free spin round can help force big wins by unlocking the higher combo multiplier that can result in bigger wins and also help win more free spins at the cost of about 40 times the initial stake.

High rollers can stick with this slot machine and aim for free spins, Big Jokers, and high combos to win big.


JILI’s Super Ace is a slot machine with a high potential for big wins through the multiple features that increase payouts. The combo multiplier itself can already help result in big wins and the free spins doubling the multipliers make things more exciting when gamblers rack up multiple combos. The WILD symbols can also help unlock multiple combos, but are a bit harder to unlock unless the player gets lucky and gets a Big Joker that turns more cards into more WILDS.

Casual gamblers might find it challenging to profit from this game and they should consider looking into other slot machines.

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