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Explore the traditional Filipino sport of sabong, a thrilling cockfighting tradition deeply rooted in Philippine culture. Originating prior to Spanish colonization in the 1500s, sabong remains a cherished practice today. The Philippines proudly hosts the World Slasher Cup, the globe’s longest-standing cockfighting tournament. Over 200 breeders and cockfighters worldwide converge at the Smart Araneta Coliseum for an intense competition.

Best online sabong platform

In sabong, two roosters are equipped with blades, typically on their left legs, though alternate arrangements can be made. Once primed, the roosters enter the arena, engaging in combat until one cannot continue. Experience this time-honored spectacle at 22Win, where tradition and excitement unite.

Understanding Online Sabong

Online sabong replicates the excitement of cockfighting on the internet. Gamblers join virtual casinos or sabong betting websites to observe and wager on matches. These online contests mirror traditional sabong, as live events are streamed for bettors to watch and place their bets, just like the in-person experience.

How Online Sabong Operates

Online sabong functions by streaming real cockfights from a cockpit, while betting platforms offer odds to online gamblers. These matches unfold live, allowing bettors to exclusively wager on ongoing online sabong bouts.

Cockfights consist of three stages: ulatan, ruweda, and the actual fight, mirroring the online experience.


Ulatan serves as the pre-fight showdown, similar to a “tale of the tape.” Combatants are matched according to physical attributes including height, size, weight, and wingspan. Parity in these qualities ensures equitable contests. At this juncture, knives or blades are affixed to the left legs of the birds. Blades exhibit various sizes and can be single-edged or double-edged. Depending on owner agreements, blades might be attached to the right legs or even both legs of the gamecocks.


Next arrives the ruweda, as the fowl prepare for their entrance into the cockpit. Cock owners present their birds in the ring, affording fans and bettors the opportunity to gauge the creatures’ temperaments for informed wagering. The casador, the announcer, sets the terms of the match, and the referee – also the sole judge (sentensyador or koyme) – stands ready to supervise and declare the victor. Bets are collected by a third party, known as the kristo, who gathers wagers from the audience. Many rely on memory, though some employ handwritten records for accuracy.


With bets placed and terms established, the birds are released into the ring, engaging in combat by pecking and slashing with the blades on their legs. The referee declares a winner when one bird gains a noticeable advantage, with no room for appeals. Contrary to common belief, sabong bouts aren’t always fights to the death. Often, the losing bird survives the match but succumbs to its injuries later. Similarly, the winning bird might also sustain fatal wounds during the fight.

Legality of Sabong Betting in the Philippines

Absolutely, you can bet on sabong legally. The Philippine government has been overseeing sabong for a while, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is in charge of this. However, betting on sabong is limited to licensed cockpits. There’s also a familiar underground sabong world called “tupada” or “tigbakay.”

Though the government frowns upon illegal cockfighting, historically, it hasn’t been a primary focus of enforcement. This leniency has made black market fights easily accessible throughout the country.

22win e-Sabong: Best Online Sabong Platform

While off-track betting (OTB) for horse races is a usual practice regulated by PAGCOR in the Philippines, online gambling is prohibited for Filipino residents. Horseplayers can conveniently place bets on race days at kiosks.

Interestingly, PAGCOR theoretically has the authority to offer OTB for sabong, but it’s yet to be implemented. This gap has paved the way for unauthorized online sabong betting, commonly known as e-sabong in the Philippines.

In this scenario, unregulated cockfight organizers operate websites publicizing their fight schedules and odds. Enthusiasts of the sport log in to bet and receive payouts. This form of gambling operates beneath the surface and is clearly against the law. Despite sabong being a cherished national sport with a rich heritage, both PAGCOR and the Philippine federal government have moved to outlaw e-sabong and off-track betting for sabong.

House Bill 8910 passed without opposition in 2019, but President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval is still pending. While this bill doesn’t bar sabong at government-sanctioned cockpits, it explicitly prohibits off-track betting and online wagering for the sport.

Starting Your Online Sabong Betting Journey

Entering the world of online sabong betting involves simple steps:

1. Opt for an online casino or sabong betting platform.

2. Create your account.

3. Fund your account with a deposit.

4. Locate the sabong betting section.

5. Initiate your bets.

Distinguishing between learning to play online sabong and initiating online sabong bets is crucial. Newcomers may find sabong match proceedings perplexing, underscoring the importance of understanding how to play. Experienced bettors may grasp match dynamics, yet delving into sabong tips for winning enhances their enjoyment and real-money victories.

For an alternative approach, consider downloading an online sabong app like the 22Win app.

Different Sabong Bets

During the ruweda, sabong bettors have several wagering options:

  • Meron or Llamado – The meron bet aligns with the favored or llamado rooster. Despite favoritism, some bookmakers offer attractive odds, occasionally placing underdogs in the meron category.
  • Wala or Dejado – The wala bet corresponds to the underdog or dejado rooster. Despite underdog status, certain bookmakers might provide low odds, sometimes positioning favorites under the wala label.
  • Draw (Both Dead) – A draw bet prevails when both roosters succumb or can no longer continue fighting.
  • Draw (Full-Time) – A draw bet wins if a match extends beyond a set time period and both roosters remain combat-ready.


Yes, online sabong betting is legal in the Philippines, provided it is done through authorized platforms and regulated cockpits.

To begin, select a reputable online casino or sabong betting site, create an account, deposit funds, find the sabong betting section, and place your bets.

During the ruweda, you can place bets on Meron (favorite rooster), Wala (underdog rooster), Draw (Both Dead), or Draw (Full-Time).

Yes, You can access the 22Win website on your mobile for convenient sabong betting on the go.

While luck plays a role, experienced bettors can enhance their chances by learning about rooster attributes, match dynamics, and utilizing strategic insights.


Online sabong betting provides a modern twist to a traditional Filipino pastime. With the ease of accessing regulated platforms, bettors can engage in exciting matches, place bets, and potentially win real money. From choosing favorite roosters to understanding different bets, the world of sabong opens up new avenues of excitement and entertainment. Remember, responsible betting enhances the enjoyment and ensures a safe and enjoyable experience in the vibrant world of online sabong.

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