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Embark on an exciting gaming journey with Sedie Game AE Sexy, exclusively available at 22Win Live Casino. This game, deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, involves a thrilling blend of guessing and strategy. Players face the challenge of predicting the outcomes of a unique set of white and red buttons. The game provides a variety of betting options and a dynamic random payout rate system, offering the chance to significantly increase your winnings. Experience the allure of this popular game and immerse yourself in its vibrant gameplay.

How to Play Sedie Game AE Sexy

How to Play Sedie Game AE Sexy

Playing Sedie Game AE Sexy is straightforward and similar to playing online Sic Bo, but with buttons instead of dice. To begin:

  1. Log into your 22Win account on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to AE Sexy Casino and select the Sedie Game.
  3. Enter a gaming room where a live dealer will guide you through the game.
  4. Place your bets on various combinations of button outcomes as shown on your screen.
  5. Watch as the dealer shakes the buttons in a bowl and reveals the results.
  6. Win if your bet matches the outcome revealed by the dealer.

Key Features and Rules of Sedie Game AE Sexy

Key Features and Rules of Sedie Game AE Sexy

Sedie Game AE Sexy captures the essence of anticipation and excitement with its simple yet captivating rules:

  • As each game round begins, players have a limited time to place their bets.
  • The dealer shakes four buttons (red and white) in a cup and then reveals the outcome.
  • Bets are settled based on the combination of buttons displayed at the end of the round.

With various betting options, including bets on all red, all white, or mixed combinations, each game of Sedie Game AE Sexy offers new opportunities and exciting potential winnings.

Payout Table for Sedie Game AE Sexy

Payout Table for Sedie Game AE Sexy

The game features a variety of bets, each with its own payout ratio, as outlined below:

Bet CombinationDescriptionPayout Odds
4 Red ButtonsAll buttons are red12:1
4 White ButtonsAll buttons are white12:1
3 Red Buttons + 1 White ButtonMajority red, one white2.6:1
3 White Buttons + 1 Red ButtonMajority white, one red2.6:1
2 White Buttons + 2 Red ButtonsEven split, considered a draw1.5:1
Red Greater than WhiteMore red than white buttons0.95:1
White Greater than RedMore white than red buttons0.95:1
Odd Combination (various)Specific odd combinations described0.95:1
Even Combination (various)Specific even combinations described0.95:1

Enhanced Random Odds in Sedie Game AE Sexy

Enhanced Random Odds in Sedie Game AE Sexy

In addition to the standard payouts, This game offers enhanced random odds after the betting timer expires. This feature significantly boosts the potential payouts for bets placed in specified areas. Players who strategically place their bets in these highlighted areas can enjoy greatly increased earnings if they win, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game.


Yes, Sedie Game AE Sexy is accessible through the 22Win Online Casino platform, available to players across the Philippines.

Yes, new players at 22Win Online Casino can enjoy various welcome bonuses and promotions, enhancing the gaming experience and offering more chances to win.


Sedie Game AE Sexy is not just a game but an adventure into the cultural heritage of Vietnam, mixed with the excitement of online gambling. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or new to online casinos, Sedie Game AE Sexy at 22Win offers a unique and thrilling experience. 

Sign up today, claim your bonus, and dive into the world of Sedie Game AE Sexy – where fun meets fortune at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on the chance to amplify your earnings and enjoy a dynamic gaming environment. Play now and experience the excitement of Sedie Game AE Sexy at 22Win!

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